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>>> Who is Brian Gregory?

Two versions of my CV are online here: Short CV (78KB, PDF file) and Long CV (57KB, PDF file).
I used to work for Textile Electronic Controls as a self employed microprocessor engineer. A reference from them is here (81KB, PDF file).

A few bits of software I wrote as a hobbyist a long time ago are on my Software Page.

*New* Information about hardware projects I did a long time ago as a hobbyist is on my Hardware Page.

We used to have two cats Penny & Jenny, More Penny & Jenny and Penny & Jenny Grown Up. I have put some videos of Jenny on YouTube.

I have a large page of links I have found useful and/or interesting. Watch out; it's around 900KB of HTML and many mobile browsers will really struggle with it! Last updated 15th June 2024.
There are still many broken links and I'm pretty sure there's a fair amount of highly non standard HTML still in there, sorry.

My TI Voyageâ„¢ 200 Hardware page.

My published email address is [email protected]
it's been a bit unreliable recently and it's got powerful spam filtering on it which sometimes filters out legit emails too, so if you know my other email address it's best to use that.
Link requests, link exchange requests, and offers of help with this website in return for anything are not wanted and will be regarded as annoying SPAM and reported as such.

My YouTube channel is here.

My Github is here.

My Twitter page is here.

Please send any enquiries about old products of Textile Electronic Controls Limited (and Bermount Industrial Controls Limited) to Roger Hitch at [email protected]

My brother James is managing director at I C Video and Replay Productions where among other things they copy home cine films and videos to DVD. He has (now rather old) blogs here, here, here and here.

His son Daniel was heavily involved with the now 'ended' Dead Pilot Records (on WayBackMachine).

Assorted extra downloads are here.

This Website is served from nginx running on a Raspberry Pi 4B into the free tier of Cloudflare. Zero ongoing hosting costs!

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