Brian's Software Page

These programs are all copyrighted by me (Brian Gregory) and are strictly released only for personal non-profit use. No commercial use of any kind is permitted without obtaining my permission first.

Here are a few bits of software I wrote as a hobbyist a long time ago:

Windows Programs.

Brian's Menu

Download: Brian's (235KB, ZIP file)

A little menu written in Visual DialogScript V4.5.

I wrote this for an autorun install CD with several install programs on it where I wanted an easy way for the user to choose which program he wants to install.

Configured by means of an INI file.

Image of Brian's Menu running an example menu

DOS Programs (even older).

Also useful for learning how to drive the PC hardware directly.


Download: (13KB, ZIP file)

These are programs to allow you to back up and restore the CMOS RAM on a IBM PC/AT or compatible.

LATE NEWS: (August 2001) It appears that some of the latest computers are being fitted with a new higher capacity type of CMOS chip which SAVECMOS doesn't understand yet.


Download: FAX.ZIP (33KB, ZIP file)

A program to receive FAX as transmitted on shortwave by weather centres (well it was when the program was written it's probably much rarer now). You need an external decoder to convert the tones from the shortwave receiver in SSB mode into RS232 compatible levels.

Example output from FAX. Original PCX file plus converted GIF and PNG together in a ZIP file. (105KB, ZIP file)


Download: FEC.ZIP (11KB, ZIP file)

A program to receive SITOR-B (called AMTOR-B by radio amateurs) such as NAVTEX transmissions on 518kHz. You need a shortwave receiver with SSB and a radio modem such as the Maplin TU1000.

The method used is based on descriptions in: "The Radio Hackers Code Book" by George Sassoon. Published by Duckworth. 1986. ISBN 0 7156 2068 1


Download: VIDMODE.ZIP (17KB, ZIP file)

A program to select different video modes supported by your video BIOS.


Download: TTY.ZIP (11KB, ZIP file)

 A program to receive and transmit Baudot RTTY (radio teletype). To receive you need a shortwave receiver with SSB and a radio modem such as the Maplin TU1000.

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