Brian's TI Voyage™ 200 Hardware Page

The idea for this page is, I admit, a rip-off of this page: The Hardware of a TI-89 which has long since been deleted (but I've linked to it on WayBackMachine so that, hopefully, you can still see it).

Since I haven't actually stolen any of the information from that page you will still need to go there, or elsewhere,  for most of the interesting detail about TI-89, TI-92+ and Voyage 200 hardware.

However I have something which isn't on that page -- photos of the inside of my Voyage 200...

Voyage™ 200 Circuit Board Back View:

Voyage™ 200 Circuit Board Back View

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Notes (mine, not guaranteed to be 100% correct):

Voyage 200 Circuit Board Front View:

Voyage™ 200 Circuit Board Front View

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